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Homemade Hot Honey

It's so easy and quick to make hot honey at home there's really no reason to pay a premium for it. Sorry, Mike.

Recipe Video Here!

Also, my honey is local and organic, and my jalapenos are from my garden and also organic. I'll take mine over his any day.

Just bring 2 cups of honey to a soft simmer with 2-3 jalapenos, or a spicier pepper if you like, or more peppers if you like!

Once the honey starts to bubble take it off the heat and let it cool before straining into a clean jar. You can let the peppers stay in the honey if you want, but I like to eat them like candy! They lose most of their spice simmering in the honey so don't be intimidated.

One of our favorite snacks is cream cheese and crackers, or tortilla chips, with something sweet and hot on top so I drizzled the hot honey over and used the jalapeno slices as a garnish and it was delicioussss!

If you haven't tried cream cheese and cowboy candy with chips... you're missing out!


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