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Forbidden Seabass

Embark on a culinary journey this Valentine's Day with my Forbidden Seabass – a dish that weaves an enchanting tale of flavor.

Recipe Video Here!

A tender seabass fillet, nestled atop a bed of creamy leeks, adorned with a luscious soy honey and lemon glaze. The forbidden allure continues with black rice, cooked sticky rice style in a decadent blend of coconut milk and chicken stock.

It's sumptuous, romantic, and a lot easier to create than you might think!

Leeks: One huge tip is to always THOROUGHLY clean your leeks. They are absolutely full of dirt and grit. Sometimes I end up washing them twice. If you don't, you will bite into sandy grit and that's not romantic.

Curly Onion Garnish: To get your green onions to curl up and look fancy just cut them into thin strips, as thin as you can get them, and soak in a bowl of ice water. The coldness makes them curl up!


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